What makes us so different


1. The SCMS Quality Pledge

We stand by our quality service. At SCMS, our goal is overall patient satisfaction.

2. Real Patients Real Results

What you see on our website are actual patient results, videos, before/after pictures and testimonials. See for yourself our proven results and patient satisfaction. Patients come to SCMS from all over the world because of our trusted brand and proven results for acne scar removal, hair removal, and tattoo removal.

3. State-of-the-art Technology

We have searched the world for the best technologies and have picked the ones that can provide patients with the best results and maximum safety. These technologies are extremely fast, comfortable and much less painful than the older technologies.


4. Expertise & Experience

Master’s level PA’s specialized in laser skin resurfacing, hair removal and tattoo removal. Our Medical Doctors supervise all our medical staff. Because of our high level of training and credentials, we are able to deliver world class results. Almost 100,000 treatments performed and experience treating patients with all skin types with all nationalities.

5.Flexible Schedule so you can start Now!

As a leader in the industry, we are available for you 7 days a week. We’re also open weeknights to accommodate your busy schedule so you can start your treatments right away.
So don’t wait and call us now!

6. Reasonable Prices $

When you come in for a consultation, we will customize a very reasonably priced package that best fits your needs. If finances are tough, we will do our best to help you qualify for our 0% financing options.

7. Customer Service

We want you to feel that we’ve paid attention to every detail to make your experience a pleasant one. All our staff has previous customer service experience to provide you with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

8. Referral Program

The biggest complement we can get is the referral and trust you give us when you tell your friend or family member. We would like to thank you back with complementary touch up treatments, skin care products, skin care services, or deep discounts on additional services you may desire.

9. Existing Patient Discounts

If you’re an existing patient and want to buy any additional services, you will qualify for discounts or complementary products. Patients are encouraged to try all of our world class services if needed

10. Beautiful Locations

We choose our locations very carefully. We are located in the most beautiful and yet easily accessible locations in Southern California. Again, it is to make your experience as wonderful as possible. Check out the photos of our Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and La Jolla below.

Our Beautiful & Convenient Locations

  • location-sd

    San Diego

    4910 Directors Place # 310
    San Diego CA 92121
    United States
    Tel: 858-346-2065

  • location-nb

    Newport Beach

    2901 W. Coast Hwy Suite 150
    Newport Beach, CA 92663
    United States
    Tel: 949-650-7267

  • location-la

    Los Angeles

    11645 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1120
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    United States
    Tel: 310-268-7979