Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal Treatments in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles, California

Laser Hair Removal

Here’s how the process works at South Coast MedSpa

South Coast Medspa is proud to introduce the best in laser hair removal technology. The new technology will provide exceptional efficacy, speed, and safety. This SCMS diode is safe for all skin types. Whether you’re Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, or Asian, the laser will treat your skin safely and effectively.

Virtually pain free

The SCMS laser diode system has a vacuum assist technology that enables the patient to get the “virtually pain free”* treatment with more damage to the hair follicles. This technology has a large spot size that will enable a patient to get a laser treatment at three times the original speed. This means that a patient can get a full body or half body treatment in an hour or less.

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*See our survey of actual SCMS patients.

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Laser Hair Removal Patient Videos

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Laser Hair Removal Information

Learn more about our laser

Laser hair removal techniques have come a long way since the days of messy creams, electrolysis, and shaving.

At South Coast MedSpa, we use the most advanced laser technology to remove unwanted hair efficiently, cleanly, and now SCMS is offering the latest and most impressive laser in the industry. This new laser will enable an Orange County, San Diego, or Los Angeles laser hair removal patient to get their full body done in about one hour and it is “virtually pain free.”*



1) vacuum draws skin into hand piece;
2) dermis is stretched thin;
3) hair follicle is pulled closer to energy source

4) melanocytes are spread apart; blood flow is constricted;
5) energy is applied

6) skin is released;
7) hair follicles are damaged;
8) tip moved to next location

• Reduction in competing chromophores enables more efficient delivery of laser energy
• Lower required fluence levels produce a more comfortable procedure, eliminating the need for topical anesthetics

Contact us today if you would like to experience the benefits of the most modern, technologically advanced, laser hair removal system at South Coast MedSpa.

South Coast MedSpa provides top quality care for laser hair removal San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County patients. South Coast MedSpa also features leading San Diego laser tattoo removal and Los Angeles acne scar removal specialists.

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