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Survey Results - SCMS Diode Laser

Actual SCMS patients participated in this survey

Recently we conducted a survey with our patients who had undergone laser hair removal procedures using the new SCMS diode laser. The revolutionary suction technology of the new laser has been described as a "virtually pain free" experience. We decided to ask the patients themselves.

Sample consisted of 100 patients, post-procedure.

  1. The new light sheer is "virtually pain-free"

  2. Pain scale of new laser that patients experienced ranging from 1 being the smallest amount of pain to 10 being the largest amount of pain.
  3. graph2

  4. Average number of pain experienced with new “virtually pain-free laser” is 2.064

  5. This graph shows the percentage of each pain scale rated by patients
  6. This graph show the percentage of patients who rated this new SCMS laser on a pain scale of 2 and below
  7. Would the patients recommend this new laser?

SCMS also conducted a follow-up study with patients 12 months post-treatment to guage the permanency of the laser hair removal treatment.

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