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Fade Tattoos & Reveal Smooth Skin

Laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure designed to fade and eliminate unwanted tattoos. By utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology, the process breaks down tattoo pigments into smaller particles, allowing your body’s natural processes to gradually eliminate them. As the ink fades away, smooth, clear skin is revealed. With South Coast MedSpa’s expertise and advanced techniques, you can confidently embark on the journey of reclaiming your skin’s flawless appearance.

Laser Tattoo Removal Corrects:

  • Unwanted tattoos
  • Faded or outdated tattoos
  • Names or symbols of past relationships
  • Tattoos that no longer align with personal values
  • Amateur or poorly executed tattoos
  • Tattoo regrets and impulsive decisions
  • Faded or distorted tattoo colors
  • Tattoos hindering professional or personal opportunities
patient during laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach

The Science Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal works through a process called selective photothermolysis. High-intensity laser beams target the tattoo ink in the skin, delivering energy absorbed by the pigment. This energy breaks down the tattoo ink into smaller fragments without harming the surrounding skin. The body’s immune system naturally removes these fragmented ink particles over time. Multiple sessions of laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach are typically required to achieve desired results, with each session progressively fading the tattoo until it becomes barely noticeable or completely disappears.

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woman during laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal:

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Safe and effective
  • Minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Customizable treatment plans
  • Precise targeting of tattoo ink
  • Can be used on various tattoo sizes and colors
  • Gradual fading for natural-looking results
  • Minimal downtime or recovery period
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
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PicoSure Laser Technology for Tattoo Removal

At SCMS in Newport Beach, we employ cutting-edge PicoSure laser technology for efficient tattoo removal. The PicoSure laser utilizes ultra-short pulses of laser energy measured in picoseconds to target tattoo pigments. These rapid pulses deliver heat/energy to the ink particles deep within the skin, shattering them into tiny fragments that can be naturally eliminated from the body. The PicoSure process allows the body’s immune system to clear the ink more effectively and remove tattoos in about half the time of other procedures. PicoSure’s advanced technology ensures precise and effective tattoo removal with fewer sessions than traditional lasers.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures

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Your Complete Laser Tattoo Removal Experience

Before your laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach, it’s important to follow a few simple steps. Arrive with clean, unblemished skin, free from lotions or oils. Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds. Shave the treatment area if necessary. Trust our experts to guide you through any additional pre-session instructions for optimal results.

During your laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach, you’ll be comfortably positioned as our skilled specialist uses advanced laser technology to target your tattoo. The laser pulses may cause a mild sensation, often described as a rubber band snap. Our team will ensure your safety and answer any questions, making the experience as smooth as possible.

Side Effects
After laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach, you may experience temporary side effects. These can include redness, swelling, mild blistering, or pinpoint bleeding in the treated area. These effects typically subside within a few days. Following our post-treatment guidelines will help minimize discomfort and ensure a smooth recovery process.

Following laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach, you can expect minimal downtime. The treated area may appear red and feel similar to a mild sunburn. You can resume your regular activities immediately after the session. It’s important to follow our aftercare instructions, including avoiding direct sunlight and applying recommended ointments.

You will start to see visible results of laser tattoo removal in Newport Beach after a few sessions. Each session will gradually fade the tattoo, with the number of sessions varying based on factors such as size, color, and age of the tattoo. The results are permanent — the tattoo will not return.

For optimal results, most individuals require between 6 to 10 laser tattoo removal sessions at South Coast MedSpa. These sessions are typically spaced 4-6 weeks apart to allow your skin to heal effectively and ensure the best outcome. Our experts will personalize a treatment plan based on your specific tattoo and desired results.

Kimiko Davis

Such an amazing spa with incredible results! I used to get waxing done, but my life has changed for the better with laser hair removal. Nina always makes sure I feel comfortable and that I'm informed on the whole process. I already saw results after 1 session! I highly recommend South Coast MedSpa to anyone and make sure to ask for Nina!

Ashley Davis

Great laser hair removal experience! This was the 3rd place in the last 10 years i tried and the only one that worked! Their laser is super effective and I’m super happy with the results. I did my research to know an Alexandrite laser was the best laser for my skin/hair type and this did the job. Professional staff, clean facility and they run great deals!

Britny Lombera

I had an amazing experience with south coast med spa. The nurses treated me kindly and with respect. If you are a woman struggling with hair growth from PCOS or for any reason and need cost effective laser hair removal give them a call ! They even have a total body package which is so hard to find. I had a wonderful experience and hope to have many more.


My experience so far has been nothing short of wonderful. Shelby at reception has a very kind and nurturing personality that instantly put me at ease and Courtney the PA has made me like how I look in the mirror again...

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