Orange County Laser Acne Scar Removal

No one likes the effect acne scars have on their lives. Not only are they impossible to try to cover but they cause people serious insecurities in their lives. Acne scars are caused by serious active acne that damaged the skin people had in their teenage or early adult years. Fortunately there is a solution to permanently remove their unwanted acne scars. Laser acne scar removal is the best solution people have to remove their unwanted acne scars. Orange County laser acne scar removal patients benefit from receiving treatments because they achieve beautiful skin that helps them fit into their image conscious society.

South Coast MedSpa is the leading laser center of Southern California that has helped Orange County laser acne scar removal patients achieve excellent results with the removal of their unwanted acne scars. By using the world’s advanced laser and master level practitioners, laser acne scar removal patients experience the highest quality treatments giving them amazing results. South Coast MedSpa aggressively treats patients to help them achieve great results while maintaining complete patient safety.

Laser acne scar removal treatments at South Coast MedSpa are treated with the most advanced lasers that are FDA approved to treat any skin type. For patients with skin type 4 and above the Profractional laser is used. For patients 3 and below the Total Fx laser is used. Total Fx is a combination of Active FX and Deep Fx which effectively is able to target all areas of damaged skin, even the damaged areas deep into the dermis. These lasers work by having them emit high pulses of light that converts into heat energy to peel away the top layer of skin and to stimulate the growth of collagen. This effective process helps in the generation of new skin to occur over the removed damaged skin.

Laser acne scar removal treatments also help in improving the skin overall texture, tone, and tightness. Improving these features helps the patient to appear younger as well as remove their unwanted acne scars. Patients generally require 2 to 3 treatments but could change depending on the nature of the patient’s skin. Laser acne scar removal treatments are short in time and only last 45 to 60 minutes. Patients are instructed to rest about a couple of days after the treatment to aide in the healing of the skin.

Orange County patients are relieved that laser acne scar removal treatments at South Coast MedSpa have improved the appearance of their skin. There are extreme pressures in Southern California to have a beautiful image which cause people much insecurity. Laser acne scar removal treatments can remove these insecurities by clearing up unwanted acne scars. South Coast MedSpa provides a friendly and comforting ambiance to make patients feel relaxed during their laser acne scar removal treatments. Contact South Coast MedSpa today for your laser acne scar removal consultation.

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